Get in touch!

You are welcomed to get in touch about any feedback, comment, proposal or any contribution you might have.

1. Email:

2. (the author twitter handle with more opinions, conversations & unpublished news)

3. (the blog twitter handle with more blog and live news feeds)

You will rarely get any duplicated tweets, If you follow both Twitter accounts!

2 thoughts on “Get in touch!”

  1. b2ool el masal: koon b awal el soo2 ya je7i, law 3a 2as el le7i
    so let me be the first to comment: v. nice work, but you need to allow people to share writings as well, ofcourse you could read it first for approval.
    may be its there but i didnt c it … keep it up 😉

    • Thank you, please keep coming back and sharing what you like from here 🙂

      Acutally, readers tend to comment on the post directly, but you are right, you are the first to comment on this page.

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