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This is an independent Lebanese blog which started at the time of the Arab Spring in 2011. Although it features ‘Lebanon’ in its name, ironically Lebanon – from the few countries in the region – is not experiencing a ‘Spring’ status at the moment, and it won’t experience any in the foreseeable future. A certain spring started in 2005, but that’s another discussion.

In a region where the ‘human value’ is so little; I dream of a smurfs village system where people happily live with and help others by sharing their speciality skills, in return for other people’s skills. Failing that, and because the world is not perfect, I will settle for a civil democratic systems prevailing in Lebanon, the Arab World, and the Middle East.

I am with human rights, and freedom to all the people demanding them wherever in the Middle East. On Lebanon, I fight sectarianism on all sides, which I think is Lebanon’s cancer that cause all the political problems and corruption there.

In the first year, Lebanon Spring has been published/ cited/ quoted/ featured in The Huffington Post, The Daily Star, NOW Lebanon, Global Voices Online, Wikipedia, Albawaba.com, Wikileaks Central, Communicate Levant Magazine, LBC Blogs, Beirut.com, Tayyar forum and many other fellow blogs and forums.

I blog Lebanese and Middle East current affairs. I hope you enjoy my posts, and please get in touch for any feedback, contribution or proposal. Comments are welcomed, but I will tell you my response in advance here, on the most commonly-made arguments here against my posts. Here is my take:

If you don’t believe that the Zionist regime is an apartheid system, then I don’t believe you when you speak of human rights. Sorry. And by the way, believing that the Zionist regime is an apartheid system is NOT calling for the annihilation of Israeli people. By the same token, if you are an anti-Zionist, but you are NOT anti-dictators, then I don’t believe you too.

Ok, I think I managed to upset almost everyone with that. But, I could be fun too, so if you still want to hear from me, and you like this blog: please subscribe to it. You can do that through the Facebook page, email delivery (on home page) or RSS subscription.

I am also on Twitter, which I consider an extension of this blog; if I can express in 140 characters, then I will do via twitter. You can follow me on @TheZako for some politics, opinions and news.


2 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    On International Women’s Day, FIDH (the International Federation for Human Rights) launches a report on the role of women in protests, revolutions and transitions in the Arab world, proposing 20 measures for equality.

    Although the situation of women varies across the region, threats to their human rights converge. In countries in transition, women are confronting significant attempts to exclude them from public life.

    To the governments of the region and the international community, FIDH addresses this message: the rights of women are a priority and must be at the core of political reforms.

    We hope you will commit to relaying this message by presenting our report, or by conducting an interview with FIDH representatives or Arab activists, both of whom labour daily to secure respect for women’s rights.

    We will readily facilitate such interviews and give you any further information you may require.

    We thank you in advance for your interest in this work.

    Best regards

    Link to the report : http://arabwomenspring.fidh.net/index.php?title=Main_PageOn

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