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This is not the first time some of our Lebanese media adopt the Israeli occupation view without any challenge or critic, so you get the LBC reporting this week (via a Palestinian agent) from the inside of an Israeli air base broadcasting direct message to Hezbollah via the Israeli army officials, with a show-off of the F16 and its missiles.

But what’s worse is when we dilute the international borders for the sake of Israel. MTV is on standby for that.

The screen shot above is for MTV’s programme General View presented by Gen Elias Hanna which showed the Golan Heights as part of Israel. It’s known that the annexation of Golan in 1981 was an illegal move and not recognised internationally by any country.

When I criticised their position, I get a justification that is actually worse than the act itself:

Just for information golan was annexed in 1981 by a decision in the knesset […]


Photo credit (MTV): Lebanonspring.com



Update 26/01/2014: LBC issued a statement apologising for their report, while MTV editor and presenter arguing the toss on Twitter