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Iranian Navy Ship

In an unusual article about the navy of Iran’s army (separate from the Revolutionary Guards), the Iranian semi-official news agency FARS brags on their achievements in reaching beyond their shallow waters, in a trend established in 2006.

The article says Iran’s aim for the navy expansion is to establish their presence internationally; this is to protect the Iranian oil vessels from piracy near Somalia or wherever, and to maintain “regional and world security”.

FARS article measures the army’s navy achievements by the extents of how far the fleet has travelled. They said they now crossed beyond the Strait of Hormuz into the Indian ocean (near the Chinese coasts) and the Mediterranean Sea.

The first entry crossing of Suez Canal was in 2011 which took a lot of media attention. It was done by the Frigate Alvand (1.5k tons full load and 135 crew) and the Kharg ship (33k tons full load and 250 crew). Both ships docked on the way in Saudi Arabia for the crews to visit Mecca and refused to communicate with the Israeli coast controls during Crossing Suez canal.

Funnily, FARS lists nearly every country in the Mediterranean basin to emphasise the strategic significance of their presence in the international water.

They also said the navy is ‘on the verge’ of the Atlantic ocean leaving us with riddle whether they will cross into it via the Strait of Gibraltar… or from under Africa.

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