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The American rhetoric has got stiffer against Assad in the due course of the revolution in an increasing order until it reached its peak three months ago, when it started reversing to an extent it is moving to the other extreme of the scale. Let’s revise this impressive timeline on Syria:

On August 18th 2011, when Syrian refugees were much less than 10,000, Obama said:

For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside.”

On August 20th 2012, when Syrian refugees were 180,000, Obama said:

 I have indicated repeatedly that President al-Assad has lost legitimacy, that he needs to step down”

On April 30th 2013, when the refugees number crossed 1,000,000, Obama said:

My policy from the beginning has been that . . . the only way to bring stability and peace to Syria is going to be for Assad to step down. . .”

On August 31st 2013 Obama said:

Now, after careful deliberation, I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets.”

The below three quotes are from December 2013, with the last one having a formal White House connection. This is knowing the refugees number is more than 2,200,000, with about half being children.

Ryan Crocker, the veteran regional diplomat said:

We need to start talking to the Assad regime again about counterterrorism and other issues of shared concern… But bad as Assad is, he is not as bad as the jihadis who would take over in his absence”

Former Head of CIA Michael Hayde said:

And I must tell you..I’m kind of trending toward option three (Assad winning) as the best out of three very, very ugly possible outcomes”

Deputy National Security Advisor Antony Blinken said:

The growing role of extremist groups may actually be a good thing for bringing the conflict to a close…All this points to a possible convergence of interests among world powers to back a negotiated solution to the conflict”

With that dramatic change in rhetoric, and the recent American-Iranian nuclear deal, formal American amicable announcement about Assad is still not found, but not unreasonable to expect in future, in one way or another.

Meanwhile, Lebanese politicians have not got the picture yet, and still fighting on the behalf of their sponsors. They keep forgetting if they put the “outside” on the country’s top agenda, it doesn’t mean the “outside” puts their country on its own top agenda.

We desperately need a government now and a new president in May 2014. May be the way forward now is to put the current bickering on the forming the government, and on the upcoming presidential election on…Geneva 2 conference’s agenda.