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If I said suicide bomber, foreign embassy and Beirut, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably Hezbollah and a 1980s attack on the American embassy in Beirut.

Now try again, suicide bomber, foreign embassy and Beirut? May be it can allude to anti-Hezbollah parties after this week’s attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut.

At last, Hezbollah has managed invite the Sunni militants to its backyard with its pro-Bashar and anti peaceful revolution stances in 2011 and then its military involvement in Syria against the militarised revolution. Moreover, Nasrallah called his fellow Lebanese to fight him…in Syria.

I get a strange feeling to the extent of numbness when I see two contradicting ideologies fighting each other using the same concepts. There is no way any side can win, but it will just be a complete destruction to the human and physical capitals.

Surely it’s not a cliche to say Israel and America are happy with that showdown. At the end of the day, Sunni and Shia extremism are their swore enemies.

I don’t know how to stop that destructive mental love to die, and I don’t know who will actually be granted that promised access to heaven, but may be they could try some earthly solutions to their deadly urge. How about some sauna, cocktail and classical music…?

I know the word “martyr” is used loosely around this neighbourhood, but that sauna analogy was used by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah while talking to Robert Fisk in an old documentary From Beirut to Bosnia; watch the absurd video.