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Newly declassified documents show the close coordination between the United States and Syria’s Hafez Assad over the Syrian intervention in Lebanon in 1976. The documents confirm what has been always known in the political and diplomatic domains, that America gave the green-light for such a move in liaison with the Israelis – despite being hesitant.

Henry Kissinger in few meetings:

Now if I could design the solution, I would go to Assad and say, ‘If you could move in quickly, and if you could give us an iron clad guarantee that you will get out again quickly and that you will not go south of the [Litani] river, we will keep the Israelis out…

We have to go back to Assad … Ask him what he is up to and, if we agree with him, we will do our best to help him… But warn him what he does must be done without the use of Syrian regular forces.

I want to make it clear that a Syrian defeat in Lebanon would be a disaster.

In another meeting with President Gerald Ford, Kissinger said the U.S. will benefit from a Syrian invasion to Lebanon that strikes the PLO.

If Syria could go in quickly and clean it out, it would be good

This new not-new revelation discredits the mythical “resistance credentials” of the Syrian regime and confirm the previous knowledge of:

1- The closeness of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was to the former Syrian president Hafez Assad
2- How Assad planed and hit the Palestinian resistance PLO
3- How Assad never wanted to fight the Israelis and never effectively did (even when Beirut was placed under a siege and was being bombed in 1982).

If you wondered why the Israelis had to finish the job in 1982 under Assad’s watch, refer to Kissinger in the summer of 1976 when he said: “I started with the assumption the Syrians would succeed. I forgot the infinite capacity of the Arabs to screw things up.”

Source of the post and photo is The Daily Star (article by Kareem Shaheen)