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Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah said yesterday in Al-Quds day – which is an Iranian gesture started with a call by Al-Khomeini in 1979:

…We are after strong relations with all the Palestinian factions despite our differences regarding some Palestinian and Syrian issues. Al-Quds must unite us regardless of any jurisprudential, political, national, religious or ideological dispute

This is an implied admittance of the difference with Hamas on Syria, but the funny thing is that Hezbollah – who claims to defend Palestine – has no support from any main Palestinian faction now. This is what we call in Arabic being loyalist more than the king himself.

On the Lebanese front, I don’t remember when Shebaa was mentioned the last time, let alone to take an action there to liberate it.

The above quote shows that if you disagree with Hezbollah on Syria but you are Palestinian, then you are forgiven; but if you are Lebanese, then it’s a different story; you are probably be an imperialist Zionist agent.

He then added:

Hezbollah, the Islamic Shiite party, will not abandon Palestine, al-Quds, and the holy sites of the nation.

Note how he is giving himself unlimited scope of territories – the nation. So not only in Syria, but he can fight in Pakistan for the example, in the same way he fought in Bosnia (as per his previous admittance). I am not sure if any “Lebaneseness” is left in Hezbollah or if it’s on its agenda anymore. Moreover, if the argument of fighting anywhere “in the nation” is valid, then why Sunni jihadists are condemned on the same basis.

Nasrallah then reiterated the above point and concluded:

We the Shiites of Ali bin Abi Taleb will not abandon Palestine

No, this is not sectarianism, if said by The Sayyid.