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If I want to draft my cultural shock caused by Hezbollah on a chart, it would look to be at its peak now.

May be that shock started mildly in 2005 when Hassan Nasrallah thanked Bashar Al-Assad in public on March 8, just after the Lebanese protests at the time helped to push a foreign Arab army off the national soil.

Then the dramatic political events that caused the deadlock in the country afterwards pushed this chart up. Then it spiked around May 7th 2008 when Hezbollah attacked Beirut and Mount Lebanon for whatever reasons. Now, the chart is heading to infinity with Hezbollah’s fight in Syria.

I admit, I am still at shock that Hezbollah, not only because it chose to side with Assad but rather lead and drive that fight, or indeed get bogged down in a filthy causeless religious sectarian war, as portrayed by their social media.

Although I always knew that Hezbollah is funded and directed by Iran… And knew that Hassan Nasrallah is “a soldier in the army of the supreme leader”… And always knew that Nasrallah kisses the hand of the supreme leader… I also knew that Hezbollah is accused of killing Rafik Hariri…

But at the same time, Hezbollah told us they defend only Lebanon… They also told us they don’t operate outside the Lebanese borders… Hezbollah always condemned the sectarian incitement and takfiri jihad, not like now initiating and fostering it… Hezbollah always claimed to liberate the occupied land, not like now occupying non-national territories…

I might have excused their previous brainwashing on the basis it was aimed at Israel. Now, the brainwashing is bold enough to direct youngsters to die in Syria, just to get the privilege to be buried next to Imad Mughniyeh and Hadi Nasrallah. And Hezbollah, unbelievably, gives them that status.

Nasrallah’s excuse that its involvement is based on some “Lebanese men of Lebanese villages in Syria” defending their homeland doesn’t stack up morally, geographically and logistically. It’s not difficult to notice that of the hundreds of martyrs announced only last week lots were from Tebnein, Srifa, Sour, Adloun, Khiyam, Zahrani and many other towns that are miles away from the borders of Qusair.

I can’t believe that a party proudly claimed to have avoided entering the Lebanese civil war, gets involved in a Syrian civil war. What a way to throw the resistance in the dustbin of history… I wish I didn’t see what was the time of “Haifa and beyond Haifa”.