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After visiting Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, third class Lebanese politicians (not main party leaders) continued their successful visits to the leaders of the world of free resistance; this time going to North Korea.

The Lebanese delegate met Kim Jong-un on Thursday morning and discussed how bad they believed the situation is in the west with their unbearable living standards, and how North Korea is on track to beat imperialism. Kim Jong-un expressed to the delegate how he experienced the corrupted west first hand while studying in Switzerland, rightly validating the reason why North Korean government employees currently get paid only 3$ per month.

The Lebanese delegate issued a press release after the meeting saluting the steadfastness of North Korea against imperialism with whatever it takes to achieve that. This is even if the people had to bravely experience a second famine like the one in mid 1990s, which led to the death of more than 250,000 (up to 3 million) citizen-freedom fighters.

The Lebanese politicians, who are currently calling for transfer of power and free elections in June in their own country, expressed also in their statement how wisely North Korea had been ruled by the Kim family in the past dynasties. They referred to eternal leader Kim Jong-il (Kim Jon-un’s dad) who is believed in North Korea to have learnt to walk at 3 weeks old, corrected teachers during history lessons, written over 1500 books and had the ability to control the weather by his moods.

The Lebanese statement also referred to how North Korea managed to beat the west by negotiating and getting billions of dollars worth of assistance from the United States in the past decade(s). Again, showing how really wise and tactical the North Korean leader is.

The Lebanese delegate was shown around Pyongyang in the afternoon including the main shiny hospital where patients were not observed at the time, as they only come in the mornings to be treated so they can go back to work in the afternoon*.

At the end of their visit, the Lebanese delegate was transported by bus to the borders with South Korea. As they crossed the DMZ into South Korea, they switched their Samsung smartphones on and checked their emails while inboard the fast bullet train transporting them to the airport in Seoul.

As their plane took off and rose into the dark night sky, they wondered why the north part of the Korean Peninsula looked much darker than the south part; they then thought the Kim family must have left the country like that without electricity or developed infrastructure to confuse the U.S. spying satellites.

NB: this post is NOT entirely fictitious. At least the words in bold are facts.

*: the mentioned hospital was witnessed during BBC Panorama programme for John Sweeney in April 2013