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Michel Aoun is one of the direct and blunt politicians in Lebanon which makes him say stupid things a lot of time, if not most.

In his continuous and pointless sectarian defence to his sectarian electoral law proposal (Orthodox Law) which stipulates each sect electing its MPs, and getting the Christians to elect 50% of the parliament, he said:

We, the Christians, are 38% of the population, while the Sunnis and Shias are less than 30% each.

So what? …That would make the Muslims 62% of the population, smarty; in turn electing 50% only of the MPs. You would think one of his opponents or any sectarian from the other side would make that argument, not Pythagoras himself.

….Or may be he is spreading his caring umbrella to other non-Maronite Christian sects by counting them in with his representation, while accusing others of doing the same.