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Here we go again. Another Lebanese national figure and innocent people are wasted. Together with reportedly eight others, the head of the Information Branch in the Internal Security Forces (police) in Lebanon Wissam Al-Hassan have been assassinated yesterday in a street bomb in Achrafieh in Beirut.

Early on, I warned and speculated that Saad Hariri could pay a high price for his leading involvement in Syria, and it may now be the payback time. And I feel we are just at the start of something bigger.

Sadly we got used to this terrorist method of political elimination since 2004. This is the 26th political explosion since then, with most ending as assassinations. Ten of these 26 explosions targeted anti-Syrian regime figures, two targeted Information Branch figures (anti-Syrian regime), other ten targeted areas largely known to be Christian, three targeted the Lebanese Army including a military chief, and one explosion targeted a non-leading but senior official in a pro-Syrian party.

Wissam Al-Hassan died at 43, just hours after his arrival to Lebanon via the airport in Beirut, just like how Gubran Tueni got killed. Al-Hassan was only 37 years old when he headed his intelligence branch, which is an achievement in itself in Lebanon. He was a key security figure with main achievements in the field, mainly exposing and dismantling Israeli spy networks, playing key role in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon investigations of Rafik Hariri killing case, and recently exposing the terrorist plot of the pro-Syrian regime Michel Samaha.

Both sides of Lebanon mainstream politics are as usual quick to conclude. March 14 accused the Syrian regime, while March 8 went for their usual suspect, Israel or contemplated Al-Qaeda. It’s difficult to judge when facts are not parts of the ingredients of these conclusions, but at the same time it’s silly to conclude something that contradicts the normal course of the political routine. Some, especially some of March 8 conspiracists, actually address the Lebanese people on the assumption they have two digit IQs. They are actually the same people who mocked the news of the foiled assassination attempt against Wissam Al-Hassan last January.

Everyone knows that Al-Hassan was probably the number one security enemy for the Syrian regime in Lebanon. He was a main representative of the Hariri and March 14 part of the Lebanese state. The March 8 media, which called him this morning a martyr, have always labelled him a western and Israeli agent. This media have intensified its campaigns against the man in the last couple of months on the back of his potential involvement, or cover-up of arming fighters in north Lebanon and in the anti-Assad part of Syria. Just refer to Jamil Al-Sayyid public rants or AdDiyyar articles against Al-Hassan to get a feel of what that means.

Just yesterday morning i.e. hours before his killing, the trashy daily AdDiyyar had him on its cover accusing him of organising a Sunni army of 10,000 fighters in the north. Not only that, it said that he was getting ready to attack Syria with them, beating any Hollywood script. AdDiyyar, through its mafia boss in the rank of Editor-in-Chief Charle Ayyoub, had Al-Hassan again on its cover this morning, but as a hero and a martyr!

I don’t think I am not being unfair with Charle Ayyoub here, when he himself once admitted that his paper supported Rafik Hariri’s policies, but he had to change his editorial policy when Hariri’s payments to his corrupt mind… stopped.

Sometimes, it’s very clear to see who is benefiting from a crime, which is the basis of any criminal investigation. It doesn’t need Sherlock Holmes to spot it on this occasion. And surely you don’t have to kill yourself to gain popular support as some believe.

I watch with full tension how the developments are going to unfold at this time. Angry March 14 and Sunni folks are blocking roads since yesterday with some armed appearances in the north. They might not keep in mind that they could be fulfilling the main objective of the Syrian regime, which is chaos in Lebanon. As if Lebanon is dearer to the regime than Syria…

The politics of Lebanon and Syria has never so interconnected… Sadly, I am picturing how Lebanon is being dragged into this, with the battlefield getting unified. Same fronts, players and motives in both countries…

For now, may the souls of the martyrs and victims rest in peace.

Photo credit (first): unknown source on facebook.com

Photo Credit (second): Buzzfeed.com