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The crazy kidnapping spree that took place this week and still ongoing is scary on all levels. It’s what a country like Lebanon needs to take back its glories. And I tell you that I never felt like that in recent history. It’s easy to blame the government, which I did, but let’s be realistic here. Two parties are responsible, Hezbollah which legislated this state of lawlessness, and Free Syrian Army which has given Al-Mokdad family the unnecessary spark.

Hezbollah is responsible because they set a precedent in May 7 which got everyone to think that the only effective way to fulfil their demands and solve their problems is by violence. Other results of this jungle-law-thinking are obviously discarding the presence of the government and inciting sectarianism. So, as a result of that, we got local militias to surface like the Sunni ones in the north (& other places) and Al-Mokdad family militia (as if they didn’t exist before like many other Bekaa tribes), and road blockers like Sheikh Ahmad Al-Assir. And all of them practise pure chaos.

Free Syrian Army is also responsible by inviting Hezbollah or Shiite community to the fighting field by starting that kidnapping spree. First with the 11 kidnapped Shia pilgrims months ago, and with Hassan Al-Mokdad last week. FSA (non-officially) claims the kidnapped individuals to be Hezbollah fighters, but the evidence or scene don’t suggest that.

I don’t believe that Hezbollah would send his fighters, non-armed, with over 60s men and with their wives, in a bus to enter Syria from Turkey. Nor they would send someone like Hassan Al-Mokdad who claimed in a video with his kidnappers to have met Hassan Nasrallah in person who asked him to go with another 1,500 to defend ‘Shiite Syria’. These claims seemed to be very much based on Addounia-like imagination of these FSA members, and Hezbollah doesn’t operate on these loose amateurish standards.

Just one word on the government, coma? Still in coma. Maher Al-Mokdad didn’t use a balaclava to talk to the press and admit kidnapping of tens of Syrians in Lebanon while threatening embassies in Lebanon with terrorist attacks. This can seriously spiral out of control, and the country is ready to be completely divided in any 24 hours.