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The state of denial of the Syrian regime’s orchestra has reached unprecedented levels. Denial of everything was what characterized the regime’s response to the uprising from its start in March 2011. The regime denied ‘anything’ happening at first, then denied the peacefulness of the protests, then theydenied the of existence of army defectors (but not so of armed gangs).

They even denied the fall of Tripoli and Qaddafi in summer 2011 saying everything was pre-recorded in Qatari studios and Aljazeera fooled us by airing the film which led later to the actual fall of Qaddafi.

Same thing – as they say – goes for the protests which are filmed in Qatari studios, or with protesters-kids on the streets taking 2,000 Syrian pounds, as the Syrian president said. Believe me, I would have bothered with the Qaddafi story if I haven’t heard it from a relative of mine who believed this non-sense.

Now, we have a new record of that kind of exaggeration from a new conspiracy-theorist on the block, Shaker Al-Berjawi, who was recently kicked out by Future militants from Tarik Al-Jadideh.

He has entertained Addounia TV audience on Saturday with how the United States of America fooled us with the recorded film (in Qatar) of toppling  Saddam Hussein’s statue in 2003. Apparently, it was not real what the whole world TV stations broadcasted on the day of Baghdad fall, which were controlled the CIA by conclusion. It was not real what journalists wrote and photographed at the same scene. It was not real how we heard some Iraqis celebrating at the same location…

Obviously, all this is with no evidence with whatsoever, because…who cares about common-sense and facts. Ahh…!

I wish Shaker’s involvements in Lebanese war and in Tarik Al-Jadideh are done in recording studios, we would have been spared some destruction and stupidity on the country. Or isn’t he really an actor in a studio?