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I can’t believe we still preach this tourist propaganda in 2012: “Lebanon is the only country in the world, where you can ski on the mountains in the morning and swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon”.

This is what I picked up during a recent flight from London to Beirut in the MEA (Middle East Airlines) in-flight magazine. Don’t we assume that people’s understanding, mobility and exposure have massively increased, and they can find out facts within few clicks? If they want to promote the country and themselves, MEA may be can fix their crappy website first, and make their prices more affordable.

Anyway, can you really do such mad ventures i.e. swim and ski on the same day? Have you, or you know someone who ever did it? I am not talking about some weirdo who spent half of his life in a commandos unit, but really, have you gone to the mountains to ski with three layers of clothing on, then went down to the breach with zero layers later?

I mean by the time/season the water is warm enough to swim in it, the bulk of the snow would have melted on the mountains.

And if this adventure is doable in Lebanon, is it really the “only” country in the world where you can such a crazy idea?

The biggest question for me is: if you really can ski and swim on the same day, why would you want do it? You are on holiday man, just chill out and take it easy; leave it for the following day.

you know, sometimes you go to do some shopping just around the corner, and you go back feeling tired and most of the day is gone! Yeah, ok, maybe not you, but that’s me.

Anyway, just to make it clear, I am not doing any bad publicity to my country. If you are a non-Lebanese and reading my post, you are welcomed to go there and you will have much fun, and you will spend lots of money!

If you want to ski, go from December until March.  And if you wish to swim go from June until early September. These are the guaranteed times to have the best of each, unless you are the CEO of the MEA, or our beach sands have been totally stolen by the time you go.