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Only 37 years on the start of the Lebanese civil war, and you feel it was like 370 years ago. It’s really evident how the Lebanese society has learnt from its history and mistakes to become developed, forward-thinking and tolerant. 

On April 13th 1975,  the famous “bousta” or bus loaded with Palestinians heading Tal Al-Zaatar refugees camp was attacked in Ain Al-Rummaneh . It was on its way back to  from a Deir-Yassin massacre commemoration event in Tarik Al-Jadideh.

…And hell broke loose after the incident, thanks to the loaded parties with arms up to the size of artillery (yes, from day one), and of course thanks to the support of our regional neighbourhood.

This hell lasted until 1990 when mutual violence officially stopped…and the people crossed the green lines to hug each other as if nothing happened. Since then, the Lebanese loved each other even more, and worked hard to re-build their social fabric, so they:

  1. Established a non-sectarian fair state
  2. respected or at least understood the other parties’ motives
  3. condemned violence whereever it came from
  4. became self-critical
  5. prosecuted all responsible for the damage of the country
  6. …and corrupted officials
  7. stopped being controlled by other countries
  8. truly believed and acted upon the belief that everyone is under the law
  9. stopped treating their politicians like gods or saints.
  10. disarmed all militias and merged their good parts with Lebanese army
  11. established an elections system where your sect needs to be unknown to win a seat
  12. banned all sectarian talk and now they hate it
  13. stopped fearing each others as if they are carnivores
  14. had a common history book, because history is one
  15. extracted the natural resources in its land and sea, and made the country one of the richest

Oh no…wait. I just saw this MTV Bimawdou3iyeh talk show episode with the Lebanese political youth on the subject, and I think we need a bit of time to achieve the above listed assessment…may be another 370 years.

PS: If you don’t understand Arabic video, don’t worry to much. It’s just Walid Jumblatt requesting “a fair end” to Lebanon’s war by prosecuting all war lords…including himself!