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Speaking of Syrian propaganda (or here, here and here), one can’t ignore the Lebanese propaganda that supports the Syrian one, which tends to be worse in employing zero logic while repeating the official Syrian line without any questioning.

What’s worse is when ‘journalist’ sources do it. Syrian Social Nationalist Party’s (SSNP) newspaper Al-Binaa (yes, they have a newspaper) reported today SANA‘s (Syrian Arab news agency) story that a weapons factory and an Israeli drone were found in the Baba Amr neighbourhood in Homs (not only – fake – Israeli currency).

For God’s sake, there are lies that can be believed, and some other lies don’t fly. So the bunch of armed gangs have to produce their own weapons, and not import them? And they keep drones in their backyard without any runways, as if an Israeli drone doesn’t have an Israeli base to go back to.  

It is a pure stupid trial to blur the issue of the (Russian?) drones that activists spotted in the air, and the revenge massacres against residents when the army entered the area, and are being portrayed on regime channels.

Again, pity the audience who still believes even a bit of the other crap, when such stupid claims are made.