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The theory goes like that: if you suspect a foreign conspiracy against your country, then the conspirators would be funding their locals agents with the foreign country’s currency. Well, this is at least what the Syrian TV and Iranian Al-Alam Channel think, who are in the same league with Addounia TV.

Believe it or not, as part of the evidence to prove the “conspiracy” against Syria, they portrayed some foreign currencies with the supposedly captured agents! I don’t know why foreign countries don’t do it with the Syrian currency or U.S. dollar, which is more sensible, but here you go:

Starting from bottom side of the photo and going clockwise: 50,000 Turkish Liras, 1 Israeli Sheqel, 50,000 Turkish Liras, 10 Filipino Peso, and 10 Lebanese pounds! Yes, 10 Liras!! I didn’t know Philippine was part of the conspiracy too, but assuming they send money too, where do the locals spend them? Or indeed the Israeli Sheqel!?

Let’s look closely at each, we discover that foreign countries are fooling their agents:

This is 50,000 Turkish Lira banknote with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on it. Funnily enough, it has ceased to be redeemable in 2009:

This version of Israeli Sheqel has ceased to exist in 1986:

10 Filipino Peso is worth $0.23, and apparently it’s old Philippine money as well:

Our 10 Liras doesn’t exist in people’s hands now. But if you insist on it, it’s worth $0.0067 i.e. less than 1 cent!

My biggest question: where does the moukhabarat managed to get hold of these rare banknotes? Pity the audience of the propaganda channels.

Update 04/03/2012: details of Turkish currency were included (via Arab Spring)