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As Bashar Al-Assad clings onto power, not only sectarianism within the Syrian society will increase but also the political divisions within the revolutions (you can argue this is could delay them). The radicalisation of the revolution is a work-in-progress outcome as well. This is what a TIME report on Free Syrian Army (FSA) published yesterday has showed. The article was a record of a meeting between some of its members in Turkey. It also shows how wary FSA is of the Syrian National Council and Muslim Brotherhood, and other politicians. They want to reap the reward of success of the revolution (which is not unexpected!).

Europeans won’t send their children here to die for us. We must liberate an area. If a group needs ammunition what can it do? If we have 10 guns, we’ll sell two, buy ammunition and overrun a checkpoint. Don’t wait for London or Paris.

[…] I’m just waiting for a gun. We will today accept weapons from [former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon, should he wake from his coma and offer them to us. When you see children killed, that’s what you do.

[…]We are prepared to become human bombs. You know we did not have this idea of suicide bombing in Syria before. I’m ready. Just tell me what to do. […]The men, all devout Sunni Muslims, blame the Muslim Brotherhood. They are deeply suspicious of its role in the revolution. Some say it is arming its supporters but not helping them attack loyalist troops. Rather, most suspect it is creating sleeper cells that will be activated after Syrian President Bashar Assad falls.

I was around in the 80s. They sold us then and they’ll sell us again. The Ikhwan [that is the Muslim Brotherhood] and [its exiled leader Ali Sadreddine] Bayanouni sold us […] You have to make sure they don’t steal your revolution, the Ikhwan and the ones on TV. Have you heard them offer any plans?

[…]I have three ships full of Libyan weapons but I can’t get even a Kalashnikov to you, because [Turkish Prime Minister Recip Tayyip] Erdogan won’t let them in. We’ve talked to [other Arab leaders TIME was asked not to identify], but it’s hard.

[…]If this continues for another three months we will have something worse than Al-Qaeda to deal with. The drunks, the womanisers, they’re not only devout now, they’re becoming extremists. Won’t that scare Western capitals into helping us?

This was not the only report inside the FSA. Pretty much every major news organisation infiltrated with them for a report. For the record, and in case you missed them, you can check these reports among others on FSA from BBC, CBS, The Telegraph, France 24, The AtlanticAl-Akhbar, Aljazeera, Sky News and TIME.

Photo credit: Ahmed Jadallah / Reuters