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In reference to the recent collapsed building in Achrafiyeh in Beirut, and frenzy over Jal al-Dib bridge in northern suburb of Beirut, Stephen Dockery wrote a good story in The Daily Star about Lebanon’s collapsing structures. Stephen quoted me in his article.

I told Stephen:

I wouldn’t say Jal al-Dib is bad in its structure or design, it just wasn’t followed with maintenance.

We desperately need routine maintenance regimes in place for public assets, rather than reactionary plans. Moreover, construction projects, which could have adverse impact on the nearby structures, should go through rigorous approval procedures, not only for their permanent designs but for their temporary designs that serve them for the duration of the construction period.

The aim of any law should be protecting public and private assets, and maintaining the public health and safety – which are really low on the Lebanese agenda.

Please click here to read the full story in The Daily Star.