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It was a majestic funeral indeed for the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il yesterday. You can see from the above photo how tidy the scene is. Mourners standing in lines, snowy white background and parades passing by in order. I just wondered if the people were crying because of their leader’s death or they we were just feeling cold.

But with North Korea being one of the highest militarised country in the world (9.3 million or 38% of the total population are military personnel including the reserves), and for a country that responded with a ‘military-first’ policy to a national famine that killed around 1.5 million of its people, you can’t really trust anything that comes out from this country, not even a funeral photo!

Check the below photo. Can you spot the difference? Not even the men standing on the left side? Yes, they were swept off the photo for some reason. The first photo was by Kyodo News (Japanese agency) and distributed by The Associated Press, while the second photo was taken by North Korea’s state news agency, and transmitted by the European Pressphoto Agency. Job done and ‘dusted’.

Ok, let’s come back closer to home. Below is a screen shot (by me) of the Syrian TV newscast. They insist on calling them by the name of ‘Democratic Korea’, and bragging on the leader’s profile which is ‘full of achievements to the Korean people‘. Moreover, the Syrian TV anchor’s voice seemed convincing. In what age do these people live in?