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I wanted to post the same interview of the Syrian President Bashar Assad as a ‘caricature of the day’! But then I came across Annahar’s Armand Homsi’s caricature which I thought is convenient enough.

The interview was done by Barbara Walters of ABC, and aired last night on the American channel. You can watch its “highlights” below, but basically it seems Bashar Assad has defected from the Syrian presidency.

He said he didn’t give any orders for the killings, because he is not ‘the owner’ of the country. I bit confusing for me, with the signs filling Lebanon and Syria about “Syria of Assad” and the “army of Assad” in reference to Syria and its army. I then felt more understanding when I remembered that the former Libyan leader Muammar Ghaddi said something similar. “I am not the president of Libya…I am only the leader of the (1969) revolution”.