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After involving the Lebanese in unwanted regional matters, we were given yesterday another dimension of the armed resistance, a divine one. I am sure he wasn’t trying to convince secularists, Christians, Sunnis, Druze, non-religious and non-supporters of Shias, and all other religious groups…because it doesn’t matter anymore.

This is Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah for you, in a speech in a highly emotional Ashura eve:

Some Lebanese don’t want us to defend them, and they say they haven’t asked for our services. Well, we say we are not waiting for the Lebanese people to request our sacrifices; we do it because it’s a divine requirement.

It’s worth noting that he started his speech on how he is doing his best to stop a sectarian Sunni-Shia clash. Also, this morning in the central Ashura march in Beirut, he made sure to start his speech by expressing his Ashura condolences to the Iranian Leader Khamenei as the deputy of the awaited Mahdi (pretty divine, eh?)

So it’s NOT a political, national, dignified, human or defence matter, but a religious DIVINE one. I think we can admit here that there is no point from trying to debate this issue anymore. It’s something beyond the world we live in. I rest my case.

With Sayyid Nasrallah being less argumentative about his armed party case, it’s pretty clear that Hezbollah are loosing the logical and legal battles that support its presence among the Lebanese people. He had to go to supernatural forces to justify it. Here, I could ask about the mission of the ‘Defence Brigades’ (Saraya El Defaa) which were once formed by Hezbollah as a non-religious Lebanese armed wing for the resistance. Any news where they are now, and do we know if they have any divine missions too?

On a separate note, the Secretary General of the Future Movement Ahmad Hariri said:

We are aware of the dead bodies coming back from Syria [indicating they were fighting] that are being secretly buried in Beirut’s southern suburb (Dahyeih), Baalbek and the South, without any funeral or religious procedures.

This guy never impressed me when he opened his mouth. To be precise, he doesn’t when he speaks. I think he is just making it worse with these statements. I hope he shows us the evidence for this serious claim as soon as possible, else someone needs to tell him to shut up.