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I think last Friday’s speech for the Secretary General of Hezbollah Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah was one of the most important ones. It had some important (and destructive) subliminal messages, but because Nasrallah has become so anticipated recently, the coverage to the speech was less sizeable or even exotic. Take what he said:

any likelihood of a new Israeli war on Lebanon is considered a means of [intimidation]. Unless there is no plan for waging war on the entire region, we rule out the possibility of a war on Lebanon [in the near future].

Ok, let’s examine these words meticulously. He’s confirming that Israel doesn’t dare to attack Lebanon (or Hezbollah), but it can do so as part of a ‘regional’ war. So who’s this ‘region’, how do we define it, and is Lebanon really part of it?

Obviously, Sayyid Nasrallah was referring to Iran and Syria; this is ‘the region’ mentioned above, and apparently we have to be involved in any war on them…to defend them? remember, he just mentioned that a war with Israel on a ‘one-to-one’ basis is not likely – for now?

So why Lebanon has to be involved in any regional war at all, especially if it doesn’t get attacked? And what does Lebanon get from this war? I might appear a chauvinist bastard with this question, but it has to be asked. Really, I am not sure what’s the collective Lebanese benefit from any war.

Let’s keep following the speech. It then got a bit clearer (and worse) when he went on and said:

The [US] must understand that war on Iran and Syria will not [be contained to] these two countries but will spread to other countries in the region. We are not issuing any threats but this is the reality.

Oh Gosh, are we going to initiate a war with Israel (and US) if Iran or Syrian regime were attacked? Apparently, YES! We will just do whatever necessary to ease the pressure on them, and take all the shit on their behalf.

Congratulations to the Lebanese people, they must be getting the ‘best’ deal of all this mess!! Moreover, I just wonder why Syria and Iran hasn’t shot a single shot from their land, when Lebanon was being assaulted and demolished by Israel in 1978, 1982, 1993, 1996, 2006 and during other ‘minor’ attacks – here and there?

With the Lebanese government in a continuous coma, I hereby place you unnecessarily in a deep regional shit-hole.

PS: I think there must be a peaceful and democratic way available to Hezbollah supporters (forget the Lebanese people and government for now) to express their opinions to their leadership, about this potentially deep shit-hole that they have been dropped in too.

Update 17/11/11: The amount of hysteria has reached no limit. Now, the ‘analyst’, head of a ‘studies centre’ and Hezbollah mouthpiece Rafik Nasrallah said that Hezbollah have a plan to bomb the Suez Canal! Oh great, the shit-hole is bigger than I thought, and thanks for letting us in to it again. He should be proud then, that only Israel (& its allies) bombed the canal before them…