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Expanding on the conspiracy saga, and in a TV interview yesterday the former Brigadier General Amin Hoteit (or Amine Hotait), the Lebanese pro-Hezbollah political and military analyst, said this:

…the mission of this Lebanese political movement [implying Hariri’s Future Movement] is funding with $2m the rape operations for the Christian and Alawite women in Syria, and of dumping them afterwards naked in the streets.

This is the most horrific and serious accusation I have ever heard in my life in the dirty Lebanese political ‘game’; it doesn’t even top facts from the crazy Lebanese civil war, or outcomes of the widest imagination of a science fiction Hollywood director (usually, there is some science to the fiction though).

Mr. Hoteit doesn’t seem to be inciting hatred or sectarian violence at all. The accused party could expand their plans and hurt all of us; they must be drug dealing, human trafficking and blood trading too. Shouldn’t they? Surely, we should save the planet from this Dracula party.

Shouldn’t Lebanon’s General Prosecutor invite Mr. Hoteit for a ‘cup of coffee’ (or finjein 2ahwi) to validate his evidence?

Thanks for Tayyar.org and OTV for helping the planet by letting the General expose these criminals, and reporting his statements.

Mr. Hoteit gained stardom in 2000 during the demarcation of the blue line with Israel. So keep an eye on him, he is a potential high-flyer…