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Lebanese Baath MP Assem Qansso reiterated this morning on the Lebanese channel MTV, the Syrian regime stance on the pro-democracy uprising in Syria: they are being controlled by Al-Qaeda leader Al Zawahiri [for now]…

The accused people of the ‘conspiracy‘ on Syria since the start of the uprising has reached a long list, resulting the accusation – making the rounds – to be the silliest ever:

Untill now, Syria accused Lebanon, Qatar, Israel, America, Al-Qaeda, Salafists, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Europe (all of it!) of smuggling weapons to some imaginary ‘armed gangs’ that we never saw yet, and controlling them. More countries are expected to join the ‘conspiracy list’ as the international pressure increases on the regime (Russia & GCC countries are possible candidates).

…So the Syrian people have not been oppressed for the past 40 years at all, but all these countries (that almost don’t talk to each other) got together to annoy Syrian President Bashar Assad, for no obvious reason!  As usual, the biggest casuality is common sense here (apart from the reported 2000 figure for killed people by independent bodies). Ironically, it’s pretty well-known now, that the United States is very hesitant about a regime change in Syria. It’s worth noting that no one ‘spy’ allegedly working for the above mentioned countries/parties was caught and trialled yet, after 5 months of unrest in the country.

The below picture is an anti-regime rally in the city of Hama, days before the Syrian army attacked the city ‘chasing armed gangs’…